P ;; 1

just-attempts --
gross-attempts at substantial-reckoning;; all in my
nature is a supposition --
conceptions with lackluster-composition;; somehow
the structural-integrity is nothing but degrading --
but all is done for the assay

what must firstly be expressed:: contradiction is
accepted as a force-intrinsic --
all is seen under this illation --
therefore,; the essence of "traditional-validity" of these
elucidations will be compromised to those accustomed
to the singular-habitat of reason-&-justifications --
so be it;;
it must be -- explanation will come --
something will come

secondly:: the grammatical prose used for expression --
it is something of a comfort-mechanism;;
a mere tool --
pay no mind -- patterns are evident

lastly:: these conceptions are of my own creation --
i do not intend on being an apprentice of another word;;
unless specified,; all strings-of-text are of my own placing;;
just a selfish request

intending to expound upon these abstracts with current-hardware is a vexation-unparalleled --
a plight-recognizable;;
something of a dirty-screen --
i solemnly-wish to share this lense;;
it is not a law-nor-stone -- the interpretation-of-existence lies most true in your hand --
in front of your head

this is merely my hand